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"Only atheists can see the monster in the turban."

Partially true. Liberals can see it too lol.
The man on the pic is Sheikh Muhammed Al Araifi, a famous Saudi cleric.

Sometimes I hate the way Mum thinks

Sometimes mum makes me really sad!

I've been suffering from irregular periods for around 9 years (twice a month). I'm not used to having them late but it happened for the second time in my life! Now it's more than 2 months late and Mum asked me a funny question yesterday, "Are you pregnant?" She looked hesitant when trying to say it out loud but..... she's said it again!!! 

The first time she asked me this question was when I was an undergraduate living on campus. Nothing can be more annoying than thinking that we women are in fact devils in the form of human beings.

Muslim Arabs, especially in the Arabian Gulf countries, think women are more likely to make mistakes than men. It is an idiotic idea to believe in, because on the other hand they believe men can be easily lured by beautiful women. I mean if men might 'go astray' easily why don't they lock themselves up in the houses instead of women?

They don't trust women. Even women don't trust women! And Mum obviously doesn't trust her shy and quiet daughter no matter what!

Damn it is so annoying and saaaaaad. I definitely have the right to lose my virginity with whoever I like, and whenever I like, but I think I'm being very generous to my family by following the norms of this society.

I think I'm soooo angry right now. Don't talk to me. T_______T